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Why Choose Ikon as Your Voice and Data Installer?
Here at Ikon Electric, we recognize that data and voice networks are essential in the running of any organization. A network is only as good as the medium that carries it. We keep this in mind when installing simple and advanced networks. Whether you are building, moving, or expanding your building, highly organized structured cabling is the backbone for the expansion of your company. We can provide systems that are designed uniquely for you based on your need and wants of your phone and computer networks.

Our Experience
We have over 20 years of collective experience installing many different kinds of low voltage systems. The types of buildings we have worked on have varied greatly as well, from a tiny one-roomed office to over 200,000 sq. ft. industrial warehouses. We schedule our team of well-educated and dedicated installers so that they arrive at your convenience.

Services Include:
  • • Wireless infrastructure - We analyze your wireless radio frequencies so that they cover the most ground.
  • • MDF/ IDF Rack Installation - We build a stable infrastructure for housing your network devices - safely and securely.
  • • Device Installation - We cautiously install your valuable devices so that they are safe from electric shock and falls.
  • • Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) - We have years of experience installing multiple forms of telphone systems.
  • • VoIP phone Service - Our VoIP systems are efficient: We even use them in our own office.
  • • Copper and Fiber Cabling - We pull and tie down cable from the network closet to any part of your building that you desire.

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