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How much bonus incentive does a returning customer receive?
In an effort to reach year-end energy reduction goals, qualified Trade Allies of the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings (SBES) Program are able to offer up to $1000 returning customer bonus as long as you agree to one non-lighting measure.

What Non-Lighting Measures Are Eligible?
It is our job to reduce your energy bills. In order for us to continue lowering your energy consumption as a ComEd Trade Ally, we must start thinking of a more wholistic approach to your energy bill. Some of the measures that jump off the page when looking at your energy audit are old air conditioners, old air compressors, air compressor leaks and nozzle problems, and of course your lighting and plug loads. To earn your $1000 returning customer bonus, you have to choose one non-lighting measure listed here - and then we can make your lighting even more efficient with LEDs and controls.

Is There a Deadline?
Yes - a deal this good won't last forever. We have to perform our free energy assessment of your building, qualify your units for incentive upgrades, get your approval and schedule an installation by December 31st, 2016. The clock is ticking on savings as our energy reduction year end goals are rapidly approaching. So we just ask that you take a few moments to think about your existing energy hogs. How much do you spend on maintenance? Do you feel like your cooling bill during the warmer months is disproportionately high? Is your building going to be ready for upgrade in the coming years and you don't want to miss these savings? It just makes sense to call us today (855) 438-4566.

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Qualified Trade Ally of the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings Program (SBES) & Focus on Energy in Wisconsin.