Year End Lighting Incentive Bonus

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Features and Benefits of LED Lighting

Energy efficiency has never been more important with the high costs of electricity and maintenance. In recent years technology in LED lighting has reduced the energy consumed to illuminate offices, shops, warehouses, and factories by up to 80% from traditional T12 fluorescent tubes. What used to take hundreds of watts and thousands of dollars per year now uses less than 1/5th the energy saving your business tons of money every year. Also, replacing burnt out lamps and ballasts costs maintenance dollars every year. With LED, the fixtures and bulbs last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours - which is over a decade at 24 hours per day!

How Can My Business Get Incentive Dollars?

We are a Qualified Trade Ally of the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings Program (SBES) and have saved our customers over $1.2 Million in energy costs since we were founded in 2013. In order to meet year-end energy reduction goals we are prepared to offer you $1 off per watt reduced, and $.50 off per watt controlled to incentivize the cost of installation of energy efficient lighting measures. These incentive bonuses are valid for both your interior lights and your exterior fixtures. Below is an example of a typical LED Upgrade, keep in mind that not all projects will be as perfect a replacement as this - but this will help you see just how incredible these savings can be: LED Lighting Savings
Not only do you get a massive energy savings on your electricity bill, but you also completely remove maintenance and replacement costs for 5x longer. Add onto that a photocell which only turns these exterior fixtures on when it's dark outside - saving you hours of electricity depending on your arrival time to the building. Lastly, you get the benefit of a sleek and modern designed fixture with color temperature choices ranging from warm yellows to bright white daylight. All these great benefits are easily affordable now that you get hundreds of dollars off each fixture. In many cases the fixtures cost less than the incentive - meaning you just pay installation and removal of old parts.

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Qualified Trade Ally of the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings Program (SBES) & Focus on Energy in Wisconsin.