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Rooftop AC Unit

Why Upgrade to an Energy Efficienct Rooftop Air Conditioner?
Rooftop and Split-Unit Air Conditioning units have come a long way in recent years. Not only is Energy Star® qualifying units now, but new standards SEER, IEER, and EER of energy efficiency ratios being used on every AC unit on the market. Depending on brand there are airflow systems that can save up to 35% of annual ventilation energy consumption. Also, today's units have remarkably higher benchmarks for improved indoor air quality and code compliance. Lastly, modern rooftop air conditioners are built with corrosion-resistant, removeable, and reversable parts like drain pans which can reduce and even eliminate routine maintenance costs.

How Can I Save $500 on Installation?
In order to meet our energy reduction goals for the stateline area, we're offering unprecedented savings to the customer via the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings (SBES) program. As a Qualified Trade Ally we will give you a $500 bonus incentive for qualifying units and up to $600 per ton in incentives as well. Never before has an upgrade of your rooftop or split-unit air conditioner been so affordable. We schedule our qualified team of installers arrive at your convenience. They replace your old, inefficient unit with an energy efficient one - we even haul away the old one.

Is There a Deadline?
Yes - a deal this good won't last forever. We have to perform our free energy assessment of your building, qualify your units for incentive upgrades, get your approval and schedule an installation by December 31st, 2016. The clock is ticking on savings as our energy reduction year end goals are rapidly approaching. So we just ask that you take a few moments to think about your existing AC unit. How much do you spend on maintenance? Do you feel like your cooling bill during the warmer months is disproportionately high? Is your unit going to be ready for upgrade in the coming years and you don't want to miss these savings? It just makes sense to call us today (855) 438-4566.

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