IKON was created with Valiant Goals in mind

Retrofitting light fixtures and replacing inefficient lighting with LED technology was the perfect conduit for us to begin accomplishing our goals. As we increased our knowledge and proficiency, more and more individuals joined us along the journey. When hiring of electricians became an option, Electrical Contracting became another service we provided. Furthermore, as we gained more knowledge in the field of lighting, we learned we could help business is other ways such as HVAC and Compressed Air; thus our marketing division was born. It was a humble beginning, with many difficult moments, but eventually we knew we could help people beyond what we imagined.

Through the years, we have seen how communication is the most important aspect to a small business. Small businesses often struggle to enter their targeted market. Leveraging other small businesses through cooperative partnerships can be a key element in creating success. Let IKON help your small business achieve its vision, because we have been there before and understand the hardships that exist. IKON can change the way you see the world.

IKON Electric

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Qualified Trade Ally of the ComEd Small Business Energy Savings Program (SBES).